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Basic Candle Spell (2)
Things you will need:
One of most basic form of candle magick uses a piece of colored paper that matches the intent of your candle. Decide what your goal is, and write it on the piece of paper -- just for an example, let's say we're going to do a money working. Write down your intent -- something like I will become financially prosperous. In some traditions, you would write your intent in a magickal alphabet, such as Malachim, Theban or Enochian. Because this is a money-oriented working, gold or green piece of paper would be best, and a candle of the same color. As you write down your goal, visualize yourself achieving that goal. Think about the different ways in which your goal might manifest -- could you be getting a raise at work? Perhaps someone who owed you money will arrive out of the blue to repay their debt.
Once you've written down your
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This is a good time to reiterate how closely Karma and ethics are intertwined. You choose your own color of magick, not once, but each time you practice. Some traditions believe in Karma as "What you do comes back to you".
Keep in mind that for any magick, it is best to do calling magick, such as money, love, health, luck or anything that brings something to you, during the waxing moon to the full moon. Banishing magick, such as bindings, quitting bad habits, curses or anything pushing energy away should be done during the waning moon to the new moon.
These are the ideal times, but you cannot always base your magick around the moon. Basic candle magick deals only with two colors, white and black Correspondence tables at good Wiccan sites. Envision the white candle as the waxing to full moon and the black candle as the waning to new moon. For any calling purposes, use the white candle. For any banishing purposes, use the black candle. Use candles that are one solid color throughout. Scratch some wax off to test this if you are not
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