Basic Classic Threats For It Systems And Data

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1. What are the four basic classic threats to IT systems and data? Give an example of each. According to Mr Moeller, we can classify IT system threats as four main classes. Interruptions: interruption refers to the situation where an IT component, typically a hardware or a software, gets corrupted or is completely lost. The main issue behind this kind of thread consists of the disruption of service provided by that IT component. An example could be someone performing a denial of service on an IT system by overwhelming network connections. Interceptions: this class encompasses all threat related with the stealing of, gaining unauthorized access to, data or service. For instance, it could be a program or a user trying to illegally access another system or data. One example that particularly applies to this scenario includes eavesdropping communication between system to retrieve or capture data. Modification: I believe this one could the most dangerous class as any threat that fall into this categories not only affects/tampers a system but also removes tractability. In other words, this kind of threat tends to alter system environment without leaving. Thinking of hacking tool such as metasploit, that is exactly the definition/description of some payload such as reverse shell. A user that managed to get a reverse shell from a target machine can modify environment parameter such as permission, process ID of running program as well as deleting log files that may hint plausible
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