Basic Concept Of Ballet

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The Basic Concepts
A. Definition of a Classical Ballet Company based on the History of Ballet.
To define what in this research is considered as a classical ballet company, first the terms ballet and classical ballet have to be determined. As classical ballet encompasses a wide range of ballet genres wherein the classical technique is applied, a definition of romantic ballet, white ballet, neoclassical’ and contemporary ballet is appropriate. To come to a clear definition and classification of the different genres, mentioning their historical evolution is inevitable.
To distinguish classical ballet from contemporary or modern dance, the latest will briefly be described in this chapter as well.

The word ballet comes from the Italian balletti, a term used in the 15th century for the figure dances presented at the Italian Court. It is a diminutive of
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Already the dances from the sixteenth and early seventeenth century were denominated as ballet, the ballets de cour, performed by the nobility inside the royal palaces during the High Renaissance in Italy. At the time distinction was made between different narrative styles: ballet-comique; a dance performance with emphasis on a unifying theme of which the most famous ‘Le Ballet Comique de la Reine’ is considered the very first ballet, ballet-masquérade; a form of music and dance without a story performed by beautifully masked and dressed courtiers, ballet-mélodramatique; almost the same as the ballet-comique but with emphasis on the songs, ballet à entrée; court dances presented between meals or during intermissions of other performances, ballet burlesque; a dance form with parodic characters. Actually these dance forms are referred to as pre-ballet (Copeland Roger & Cohen Marshall, 1983: 339, Utrecht Luuk, 1988:
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