Basic Concepts And Components Of Electric Vehicles

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Introduction: The purpose for this research paper is to introduce and familiarize students with the basic concepts and components of electric vehicles. In doing so, we will be able to give a better and more detailed explanation of the luxurious Tesla Model S electric vehicle’s components such as the battery, its methods of charging and the types of motors that are implemented in the Model S, and how the Model S sets itself apart from the rest of the competition, whether it be electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, or vehicles that implement an internal combustion engine or even the most fastest of racecars ever made such as the Mclaren F1. History of electric vehicles and comparing it to the tesla model s and its superiority:…show more content…
As mentioned before, Model S owners are able to choose from different size battery packs which are able to produce more output power and in turn have longer ranges of miles. The following are the battery packs different sizes along with their range per miles, horsepower and top speed: 60 kWh with a range of 208 miles, 302 HP, and 120 top speed 70 kWh with a range of 230 miles, 315 HP, and 140 top speed 85 kWh with a range of 265 miles, 373 HP, and 140 top speed 90 kWh with a range of 253 miles, 691 HP, and 155 top speed As you can see, the size of the battery does matter for the Tesla, the higher the power output, the more horsepower, range in miles and top speed can be achieved. With these ratings, the Tesla model S is able to compete with even the most efficient gas consuming vehicle given that the EPA estimates the the Tesla’s miles per range can be converted into a combined eighty-nine miles per gallon. The conversion between the Tesla’s range in miles to miles per gallon just goes to show that even an electric vehicle can be luxurious, sporty and friendly for the environment. Charging/super charging: Dual Motor A typical all wheel drive vehicle will sport a single engine that will distribute power to the front and rear wheels. The Tesla Model S
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