Basic Education and Cultural Heritage: Prospects and Challenges

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I. Introduction
It has already been argued that any development that is not entrenched and weaved through the local people’s consciousness, traditions, and values is bound to fail (Zerrudo, 2005). During the 1982 UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies, “development” was defined as a “complex, comprehensive and multidimensional process which extends beyond mere economic growth, to incorporate all dimensions of life and all the energies of a community, all of those whose members are called upon to make a contribution and expect to share in the benefits” (Sta. Maria, 2001 p.67). Thus, it is imperative to include the dimensions of culture and heritage when drafting policies on national development. This is where cultural heritage finds
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With the shift in the new K-12 curriculum, steps in developing a culture-based curriculum with emphasis on mother-tongue instruction and learning approach were evident.
Although the K-12 Curriculum is already on its third year of implementation, criticisms and scrutiny on its substance and implementation abound (Pooten, 2012). It is within this context that this paper operates. This study focuses on the teaching of cultural heritage in the elementary and high school level while problematizing the present condition of our basic education system.
A. Research Question
Within the backdrop of the Basic Education System of the Philippines and the increasing importance of cultural heritage in sustainable development, this paper problematizes the question: how can we effectively teach local cultural heritage of Nasugbu and Balayan, Batangas to grade school and high school students within the existing framework of the K-12 Curriculum?
B. Objectives
This paper generally seeks to find ways of including elements of Nasugbu and Balayan’s local cultural heritage on the existing curriculum of local elementary and high schools of the towns. Specifically, it seeks to:
1. Know the present situation of Basic Education in
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