Basic Element of Just in Time

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Basic elements of Just In Time
The basic elements of Just In Time (JIT) were developed by Toyota in the 1950 's, known as the Toyota Production System (TPS). JIT was well-established in many Japanese factories by the early 1970 's. JIT began to be adopted in the U.S. in the 1980 's (General Electric was an early adopter), and the JIT/lean concepts are now widely accepted and used. There have ten basic elements in Just In time which are flexible resource, efficient facility layout, pull production system, Kanban production control, small lot production, quick setup, uniform production, quality at the source, total production maintenance and supplier network.

1. Flexible Resources
The Concept of flexible resources, in the form of
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Small lots with shorter setup times reduced from hour to minuet and it’s increase flexibility to respond to demand changes. Shingo as a genius at the task reduced setup time on a 1000 ton press from 6 hours to 3 minuets using SMED ( single-minute exchange of dies ) system. SMED principle can apply in separate internal setup from external setup. Its also can convert internal setup to external setup. Besides that, it can streamline all aspect of setup and perform setup activities in parallel or eliminate them entirely. 7. Uniform Production
JIT attempt to maintain uniform production levels by smoothing the production requirements on the final assembly line. Changes in final assembly always have dramatic effects on component production upstream. When this happen in kanban , kanban for certain part will circulate very quickly at some times and very slowly at others. Kanban systems can handle +/- 10% demand changes. One way to reduce variability in production is to guard against unexpected demand through more accurate forecasts. Another approach to achieving uniform production is to level or smooth demand across the planning horizon. Demand is divided into small increments of time so that the same amount of each item is produced each day and item is mixed throughout the day in small quantities. 8. Quality at the Source
Quality has to be extremely high to ensure JIT system to work well. Jidoka is the authority to stop production line. Visual

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