Basic Elements Of A Legacy System

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1. What are the fundamental elements of a legacy system? Scrap the system complexity this choice ought to be picked when the system is not making a compelling commitment to business forms. This regularly happens when business procedures have changed subsequent to the system was introduced what 's more, are no more dependent on the legacy system. 2. Leave the system unaltered and proceed with customary upkeep This choice ought to be picked when the system is still required yet is genuinely steady and the system clients roll out generally few improvement demands. 3. Reengineer the system to improve its maintainability this choice ought to be picked when the system quality has been debased by change and where another change to the system…show more content…
The application system must be modified to adapt it to cope with these environmental changes. 3. Functionality addition: This type of maintenance is necessary when the system requirements change in response to organizational or business change. The scale of the changes required to the software is often much greater than for the other types of maintenance. 9.3 software maintenance 3. What process metrics might be used to assess maintainability? Examples of process metrics that can be used for assessing maintainability are as follows: 1. Number of requests for corrective maintenance: An increase in the number of bug and failure reports may indicate that more errors are being introduced into the program than are being repaired during the maintenance process. This may indicate a decline in maintainability. 2. Average time required for impact analysis: This reflects the number of program components that are affected by the change request. If this time increases, it implies more and more components are affected and maintainability is decreasing. 3. Average time taken to implement a change request: This is not the same as the time for impact analysis although it may correlate with it. This is the amount of time that you need to modify the system and its documentation, after you have assessed which components are affected. An increase in the time needed
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