Basic Functioning Principle of a Satellite Communication System

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1.Introduction In today’s ultra modern civilization, with features like wireless communications, high definition television broadcasting and Internet access almost in any point of the world the use of the so called telecommunication satellites is unavoidable. The continuous growth of the satellite industry is due to the fact of the many advantages of it, like low costs, big covered areas, possibility of broadcasting and many others. In the present project there will be presented the basic functioning principle of a satellite communication system, the structure of it and some of the most used applications in the real life. An object which revolves around a planet on an elliptical or circular path is called a satellite. A communication satellite is an artificial satellite, which is sent to the space for the purpose of telecommunications. It actually reflects (or relays) a radio signal coming from a ground-station back to the Earth, to the receiving side, using a transponder, which is a receiver and a transmitter of radio signals. The main components of the satellite consists of the communication system, containing the transponders and the antennas which receive and transmit the radio-signals, the powering system, made of solar panels (which collect the sunlight and transforms it into electrical energy), and the propulsion part, which includes the rockets that move the satellite. The whole system also contains the two ground stations, from them one transmits the radio signal,
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