Basic Health Patterns Are Designed By Marjory Gordon

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Gordon Functional health patterns are designed by Marjory Gordon in the year of 1987. This pattern consists 11 questions. These questions asked by nurses to gather health information. These questions help to gather information on Values health promotion, Nutrition, Sleep/Rest, Elimination, Activity/ Exercise, Cognitive, Sensory, Self, Role, Sexuality, Coping. In this article Author interviewed a Muslim family with family name Khan. There are five members in this family. Husband age 34 years, wife 32 years and there are three kids of age 9 years old girl, 5 years old boy and 1.5 years old boy. Mr. and Mrs. Khan both are working in this family. They both are working opposite shift to take care of their children. Mrs. Khan works the morning shift as HHA and Mr. Khan works night shift as a taxi driver. Health perception and values are emphasized on the individual’s perception of their health, beliefs and values (Edelman, 2016). The health perception of every family is different. In the Khan family, their health perception seen centered around maintaining their current health by regular checkups, immunization of the kids and they always try to eat healthy. Mrs. Khan developed gestational diabetic’s when she was pregnant with her first child and has been diabetic since. Mrs. Khan takes oral forms medications as prescribed by the physician but her blood sugar levels are always on high side. Reason behind this is, her busy schedule with work and kids, she does not able to do
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