Basic Human Body Structure Units and Their Functions

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1.1 Describe the four basic human body structure units and their functions
The four basic human body structures and their functions are as follows:
• Cells
• Tissues
• Organs
• Systems

Cells have been identified as the simplest unit of living matter that can maintain life.

A cell is the simplest and smallest unit of living matter and cells can live independently and can also reproduce themselves.

Cells exist in a varity of shapes and sizes including elongated, oval, and square, cells also have many different function.

A group of cells is called a tissue and the study of the structure, form of cells and tissue is called histology.

Tissue is a group/organisation of a number of similar cells, not all
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major organs mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestines

7. Urinary
a. to filter out cellular waste and toxins, or excess water or nutrients from the cardiovascular system
b. major organs are kidneys, bladder, urethra

8. Endocrine
a. to relay chemical messages through the body
b. major organs are thyroid, pancreas, adrenal gland

9. Reproductive
a. to manufacture cells to allow reproductions in both male and female
b. major female organs are ovaries, uterus, vagina and mammary glands
c. major male organs are testes, seminal vesicles and penis

10. Lymphatic
a. To destroy and remove invading viruses from the body
b. Major organs are Lymph, lymph nodes and vessels, white blood
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