Basic Human Needs. No Poverty. The Goal To End Poverty

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Basic Human Needs No Poverty The goal to end poverty has been quite a challenge for Kazakhstan. Between Kazakhstan and neighboring african states, poverty is a serious issue that has made little to no improvements. Even worse, the rate is expected to rise due to climate change and insecurity of agriculture (Post-2015 Development Agenda). Zero Hunger Hunger is a worldwide issue that appears even in some of the riches states. Kazakhstan struggles with this goal where 1 out of every 4 individuals in Africa are hungry (Post-2015 Development Agenda). While this is depressing to hear it is uplifting to be informed of the many agricultural changes in Kazakhstan that are being made. Studies show that this number over the last several years has…show more content…
This is a good sign! By having a vast majority of roads paved, Kazakhstan is becoming more modernized. This can cause a chain reaction for a lot of different areas, such as health and transportation. These alone affect child mortality rates and the ability to move goods. 51 cell phones per 100 people ( This is an area that could use improvement, however, it is still rather high when compared to the rest of the world. This will improve as technological advancements and modernization increase in the area. 3.3 internet users per 100 people ( This is similar to cell phones. Despite the need for improvement, it does show promise compared to the rest of the world. With time, these number will continue to improve. Sustainable Cities and Communities Kazakhstan still relies on electricity for most of its power. Something that could be looked into is non-renewable energy, such as hydro power. This would help increase the sustainability of the country and possibly reduce expenses toward energy ( Responsible Consumption and Production This is an area of need, especially in terms of energy. Kazakhstan uses much more energy than they produce. They only produce 145,800 units of energy, while they consume 63,320,000 units, creating an enormous gap ( Looking into ways of producing their own energy would be a great benefit to the country. This would also aid their sustainability as
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