Basic Language Skills and Language Acquisition and Development

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As an education student currently pursuing the I.T. (Information Technology ) Education bachelor's degree program, this program has brought to light various issues I had not been aware of regarding language acquisition and development. It is now, with this knowledge, easier to see the language development and acquisition path that I have been subconsciously on. As a child, up until 4 or 5 years old, I lived in Malawi which is my country of birth. The first and only language I knew to marginally speak or comprehend was Chichewa. At 4 years old or 5, my father's job in the diplomatic core took us to a completely different country whose national language was Afrikaans. Expatriates and their children, such as I were expected to speak English for instruction. A tutor, an American lady provided diplomats with this type of “bridging” education to get foreign language speaking children ready for mainstream education. Being a child, learning a language, English in this particular case was, in hindsight easier to do than expected. Perhaps my surmise is inaccurate as most people might find it hard to remember the earliest details of their lives. However, I can still recall my siblings enjoying a humorous exchange at my failure to adequately express myself in English having been communicated to in that language by a white person in Johannesburg, South Africa. However, over the years, I can easily
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