Basic Needs to Design a Student Login Portal

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Internet is an essential source for communicating and interacting with people around worldwide. Web browsers are software programs are software applications which allows millions of users to access the web content either for business, entertainment or personal use. the “WWW” portion of internet stands for world wide web. WWW made up of hyperlinked documents written in “XHTML & Interactive Media”.
Based on the web base data base, I am creating a web base student login portal. Where a student can get login with his student number and password. The student portal consists of student academic details basically like syllabus, examinations, surveys, Timetables and also last login details. To extend this project in web page internet access we need to go certain circumstance. A basic website can be designed by using Hypertext marking language (HTML). the scripts can be written in notepad or a text document depending on the operating system. Finally communications over computer networks like web server that responds to clients request from web browser by providing sources like XHTML documents, When user enters a Uniform Resource Locator(URL) address such as like in to a web page in browser we are using (HTTPS) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, the HTTP protocol allows clients and servers to interact and exchange information in a uniform manner.

Fig-(1)Client interacting with web server Browser request
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