Basic Principles in Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

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Basic Principle in verbal and non verbal Communication

One of the most important skills of a leader in a company is that he or she knows how to communicate well. Communication skills are essential in today’s competitive environment, and a company with good communication flow will achieve advantages such as stronger business relationships, increased productivity and quicker problem solving.
The characteristics of an effective message is that it provides the practical information the receiver need, that it is concrete and clear about expectations and responsibility and that it is easy to read and understand.
We have two types of communication, non-verbal and verbal. Verbal communication requires a language and includes face-to-face
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For example if he would consider send an e-mail or meet the receiver face-to-face. The richest medium is face-to-face conversations. It allows the receiver to get the senders message verbally, through the words spoken and nonverbally, through facial expressions or the gestures and the tone of voice. It also allow for immediately feedback. The leaner medium is f.eks mass mailing without any possibility for feedback. The
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