Basic Processes Of A Relationship : Attachment And Divorce

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Basic Processes of a Relationship: Attachment and Divorce
Introduction (5 points)
Pitch perfect is a modern comedic musical, which follows the journey of one college girl, Beca, through her membership of an all-girls acapella group. Through her experiences in acapella, she meets a man, Jesse, who is in their rival acapella group, and they exhibit an initial attraction towards each other. In this scene, Beca displays playful fighting and touching with Jesse with obvious signs of affection and gratitude for bailing her out jail. However, this emotion suddenly switches when she finds out he did not bail her out, he called her dad to. Beca became very defensive and independent once she knew her dad was there. Her severe very negative reaction results in Beca yelling at Jesse denying the attraction and relationship altogether by screaming “you aren’t my boyfriend”. When he unintentionally betrayed her by calling father, she became extremely hurt since her parents are divorced, her dad is a major source of stress and control in her life and she feels criticized by her dad. Jesse is observably upset and taken back by her response, but he still shows compassion for her nonverbally when Beca and her dad are fighting; he instinctively moves forward almost as if to protect her from the words, but he refrains after a step since she just spoke down to him and belittled their relationship. Immediately as her father gets out of the car, Beca tries to defend her position and condescendingly…
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