Basic Quick Fixes For Print Quality Problems

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3 Basic Quick Fixes For Print Quality Problems

With the popularity of inkjet printers for high performance and amazing quality they are a must have for every home and office; easily available in several brands and price ranges. Although inkjet printers are easy to use if you are having print quality problems seeking a professional is the way to get things done. But if you have basic knowledge about inkjet printers are easy to maintain.

The most common complaint by far related to inkjet printers is print quality problems. There are many forms of problems related with poor print quality. The best and easiest way to ensure minimal or no print quality problems is regular cleaning and maintaining the printer, cartridge. While
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Test: Often all it takes is a simple test to fix all the minor errors. As sometimes a change is climate or environment can also contribute to corrosion or blockage of nozzles and lead to print quality problems. Also make sure you have feed the paper appropriately to the printer.

If you follow the above steps you can often solve minor errors and get the job done. If there seems to be a problem after you have done the above mentioned steps then its time to consult a professional for assistance.


Top 5 Causes of Light or Faint Prints? One of the many technical challenges while using printers is faint or light prints. Often printer users also complain that a partial or a faint overall image is printed in comparison to a dark normal print. At some point we have all become frustrated seeing a print that is faint or too dark and smudged. Most of us instantly assume it is the low toner.

Sometimes your instinct may be right but not always there can be several reasons for a printer to cause light or faint prints. Some of the most causes and quick fixes are discussed below with the help of easy to understand and follow steps:

Empty Toner: The most common reason for a light or faint print is the finished toner or low toner level . The common it seems you all will be surprised at how often we tend to mix such a minor error. The best way to fix this is to replace the low toner. Most of us rely on the toner indicators and forget to accurately
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