Basic Requirements Enter Organized Crime

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My blood was for an everlasting love and not an initiation. The blood of the finger is spilled onto an element bearing the symbolization of sainthood. The card is then set ablaze and the card is passed from hand to hand to avoid burn and pain. {} Retrieved on 08-23-09 via net. The advantages of being in organized crime is the belief that one belongs to a group and feels they are confident in being. They know that if in need of help, they will have someone to stand-up for them. They are a very close knit family and feel alliance and affinity towards one another. A disadvantage in today’s culture is the transference of the aids virus. Seriously speaking, I wonder if Cosa Nostra takes precautions towards blood transference. Another disadvantage of being in organized crime is the wellbeing of mind. It is unethical and downright outlawed in the first place. They may targeted and blamed for crimes that may occur and can be victims of false accusations. I also believe it is a disadvantage because of the mere fact of the name that was derived, Our Thing”. '"Our Thing", Being of a Italian decent, I find the Italians lacked imagination, creativity, and down right ignorance. Cosa Nostra, our thing, should be renamed into something that TRADITIONALLY and expeditiously shows the intelligence of the Italians and not simplicity in thinking. DAAAA? References
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