Basic Rights of an Employee

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Your basic rights as an employee There are minimum rights and entitlements set out in law, which apply to ALL employees, whether it is written in your employment agreement or not. Your employment agreement cannot trade off or provide for less than these minimums. The law protects you at work by setting the minimum rights you have as an employee with paid time off work the minimum you can get paid public holidays sick leave bereavement leave giving you the right to refuse to do work that would likely harm you making sure that all workers, including young people, are safe at work and not unlawfully discriminated against. Your employer must: * Pay you at least the minimum wage * Provide you with annual leave * Provide or…show more content…
For example, a prospective employer cannot ask a job applicant certain family-related questions during the hiring process. In most states, employees have a right to privacy in the workplace. This right to privacy applies to the employee's personal possessions, including handbags or briefcases, storage lockers accessible only by the employee, and private mail addressed only to employee. Employees may also have a right to privacy in their telephone conversations or voicemail messages. However, employees have very limited rights to privacy in their e-mail messages and Internet usage while using the employer's computer system. There are certain pieces of information that an employer may not seek out concerning a potential job applicant or employee. An employer may not conduct a credit or background check of an employee or prospective employee unless the employer notifies the individual in writing and receives permission to do so. Other important employee rights include: * Right to be free from discrimination and harassment of all types; * Right to a safe workplace free of dangerous conditions, toxic substances, and other potential safety hazards; * Right to be free from retaliation for filing a claim or complaint against an employer (these are sometimes called "whistleblower" rights); * Right to fair wages for work performed. Federal Regulations on Employment Relationships Following is a quick summary of key federal laws related to employment. *
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