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| Project paper and Feasibility Paper: Week 2 | As preparation for the final research paper, formulate a theory about the correlation between measurable independent variables (causes) and one measurable dependent variable (the effect). Be sure to have at least two independent variables for proposed research paper. The topic proposal should include the following four items which serve as the foundation for the final research paper after instructor feedback is given. | 1) Purpose Statement In one paragraph, state the correlation and identify the primary independent variables.State the correlation as in the following:“Thirty-four percent of young women become pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20 -- about 820,000 a …show more content…
“Teens who have been raised by both parents (biological or adoptive) from birth, have lower probabilities of having sex than youths who grew up in any other family situation. At age 16, 22 percent of girls from intact families and 44 percent of other girls have had sex at least once. Similarly, teens from intact, two-parent families are less likely to give birth in their teens than girls from other family backgrounds” (Teen Pregnancy Stats, Facts, and Prevention, 2004). There could be for a variety of reasons for the wide gap in single parent and intact family teenage pregnancies. One reason is the emotional support and attachment from both parents instead of just one. “Teenagers who have strong emotional attachments to their parents are much less likely to become sexually active at an early age and less likely to have a teen pregnancy” (Teen Pregnancy Stats, Facts, and Prevention, 2004). There are a number of theories this emotional attachment could be a key to the dependent variable. A few of these theories are: higher accountability, emotional fulfillment, and stability. Education levelEducation is another independent variable that can affect a female being a single mother. This independent variable is a broader view on the dependent variable of single mother than the variable of a single parent home. This is because it’s not dependent on what age a female get pregnant but rather on the overall

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