Basic Tenets Of Symbolic Interactionism

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Some basic tenets of Symbolic interactionism:
- Human beings are able to use a thinking process
- The ability to think is shaped by social interactions
- From interactions, people learn the symbols/meanings, that allow the thinking process performance
- Meanings and symbols allow people to perform human action / interaction.
- The meaning evolves from the interaction of people within and with people in their environment.
- Existing symbols allow for subjective interpretation of the symbols.
- Understanding the symbols allows the understanding of human behavior.
- People are able to interpret, thus modify symbols/meanings because they are also able to interact with themselves and to investigate different action courses evaluating advantages/disadvantages; therefore, they are able ultimately to make a choice
- Action / interaction produce groups and societies.
- Interaction allows humans to develop the concept of self and of larger societal structures.
- Self identity concept affects behavior.

Quintessentially, it is a theory based on human interaction/communication (both facilitated by words, gestures plus symbols that have acquired an agreed upon conventional meaning; how we learn to interpret the world we live in and make it meaningful, through our interaction with others.

The main axioms of this Theory:
- Humans are unique beings, because of their ability to use symbols.
- The interaction with others allows people to become distinct humans.
- Consciousness plus…
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