Basic Theories and Techniques of Abnormal Psychology

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Basic Theories and Techniques of Abnormal Psychology
Today, several facts about the thoughts and behaviors of the human beings have been established. These owe their emergence to the development of the field of psychological theories. These theories have been advanced over time through learning and repeated evaluation; this resulting in the study of abnormal psychological. A person whose character and behavior are far different from the norm is considered to be abnormal. Therefore, abnormal psychology, simply addresses cases of unusual behavior observed within the society among the people (Comer, 2010). There is a thin line as concerning the normal verses abnormal and that which is good verses unhealthy. The subject of abnormal psychology focuses on the extent of distress and disruption that affects the behavior of a person, as opposed to the difference between normal and abnormal behavior. There are different perspectives involved in the field of psychological disorders, and this forms the basis for the treatment or action taken by the mental health professionals in understanding the patient.
These theories of approach used focus on several aspects. The first and foremost approach that is enforced focuses on the behavioral changes of the client (Butcher, Mineka & Hooley, 2011). In this approach, the target point is to observe the abnormal practices of the patient, identify them and possibly enforce positive behavior. This is not focused on adopting
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