Basic Types Of Software Maintenance

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2. What are the three different types of software maintenance and how is effort distributed across these maintenance types?

Software maintenance is the general process of changing a system after it has been
Delivered .By modifying existing system changing and adding of components are done when needed
There are three different types of software maintenance:
1. Fault repairs: Coding errors are usually relatively cheap to correct; design errors are more expensive as they may involve rewriting several program components. Requirements errors are the most expensive to repair because of the extensive system redesign which may be necessary.
2. Environmental adaptation: This type of maintenance is required when some aspect of the system’s environment such as the hardware, the platform operating system, or other support software changes. The application system must be modified to adapt it to cope with these environmental changes.
3. Functionality addition: This type of maintenance is necessary when the system requirements change in response to organizational or business change. The scale of the changes required to the software is often much greater than for the other types of maintenance.

9.3 software maintenance

3. What process metrics might be used to assess maintainability? Examples of process metrics that can be used for assessing maintainability are as follows:
1. Number of requests for corrective maintenance: An increase in the number of bug and failure reports may…
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