Basic Values in Health and Social Care Essay

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Basic Values in Health and Social Care

Client’s rights in interpersonal situations

It is essential that health care workers should be clear about the values, which underpin health and social care work. These values are the basic beliefs about clients’, rights, which shape attitudes and influence our methods of care.

Such values are reflected nationally in The Patients’ Charter. This is a standard against which the care received by all users of the National Health Service can be measured. The main points of The Patients’ Charter are listed below. Read through them and then complete the activity, which follows.

1 To receive health care on the basis of clinical need, regardless of the
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Here are some of the most important jobs.

Primary Health

* The general practitioners role involves preventative medicine and their diagnosis and care treatment of ill health. General practitioners refer patients to other agencies and workers for their specialists input. General practitioners are self-employed, though they are paid by the (NHS) National Health Service through the FHSA’s

* Community nurses provide nursing services in clients’/patients’ homes.

* District nurses are concerned with promoting health and well-being as well as providing nursing care.

* Community psychiatric nurses provide on-going treatment and support to clients with mental health problems

* Midwives focus on the care of women, before, during and after pregnancy and have a statutory responsibility for the care of the mother and baby up to ten days after the delivery.

* Health visitors’ main function is to give advice on the care and development of under-fives, although their role with elderly clients is being developed. The health visitor carries out part of his/her duties in health centres, GP’s surgeries and schools.

* Practice nurses, who are employed by GP’s, carry out a range of duties including health

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