Basics And Characteristics Of The Internet Of Things

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1. INTERNET OF THINGS A Revolution in the world of internet. 2. INTRODUCTION :Smart locks, smart cars — you’ve probably heard some of these terms lately, and you’re going to hear them even more as the year goes on. But what are these things exactly — and what makes them so smart? These devices are all part of an emerging category called the Internet of Things, or IoT for short. Internet of things refers to a concept that internet is no longer just a global network for people to communicate with one another using computers, but it is a platform for devices to communicate electronically with the world around them. It includes objects ranging from computers to washing machines and laptops to microwaves. It is based on a rule that “everything that can be connected should be connected”. 3. The Internet Of Things  The term ‘Internet of things’ was first used by Kevin Ashton in 1999.  IoT refers to the connection of everyday objects to the Internet and to one another, with the goal being to provide users with smarter, more efficient experiences. 4. CHARACTERISTICS OF IOT 1) Interconnectivity: With regards to the IOT, all kinds of objects or devices can be interconnected so that they can share information globally. 2)Intelligence : IoT comes with the combination of algorithms and computation, software & hardware that makes it smart. In spite of all the popularity of smart technologies, intelligence in IoT is only concerned as means of interaction between devices, while user and
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