Basics Of Steel Making : Oxygen Steelmaking And Electric Arc Furnace

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As mentioned in the introductory part, there are two basics of steel making: oxygen steelmaking and electric arc furnace. Steel manufacturing sites, sometimes-called integrated sites, use blast furnace to refine iron ore into steel. The most basic process applied by most steel manufacturing companies if the Basic Oxygen Furnace to change iron into steel. At the site of production, liquid iron flows into the BOF section where pure oxygen is blown into the iron at very high speed. The oxygen comes in through a lance put at the entrance of the BOF. This oxygen serves to eliminate carbon and other impurities. The next step involves the addition of lime and certain fluxes to transform it into a liquid slag that absorbs impurities. Addition of…show more content…
The second basic in steel making is electric steelmaking. In this process, there is the employment of electric arc furnaces. The type of furnace takes steel scrap, DRI, HBI, or pig iron as mentioned in the introduction. These forms of iron are solid; therefore, an electric arc furnace melts them to produce steel. In the EAF, electricity is the main source of energy used to melt steel scrap (Engineer 's Handbook, 2004). Some furnaces may use oxygen, carbon and hydrocarbon fuels to speed up the process. In this process, there is no need to remove much carbon, as is the case in the BOF process. However, some impurities should be removed to increase the purity of the final steel produced. Regardless of the process used in steel making: integrated sites or EAF, the most important thing is the economics, location or history. Available literature shows that at the beginning of steelmaking, there was evidently little scrap traces. However, in today’s production, it is hard to meet the demands for steel. The implication is that depletion is taking effect in steelmaking processes. Secondary Steelmaking Process Essentially, steel produced using the two processes discussed initially is the same except for minimal differences that are crucial only in special grades. These procedures of steelmaking are a bit different at the secondary stages of steelmaking. Secondary stages are called ladle metallurgy. The process happens after the tapping the crude steel from the BOF or EAF
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