Basics Of Steel Making : Oxygen Steelmaking And Electric Arc Furnace

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As mentioned in the introductory part, there are two basics of steel making: oxygen steelmaking and electric arc furnace. Steel manufacturing sites, sometimes-called integrated sites, use blast furnace to refine iron ore into steel. The most basic process applied by most steel manufacturing companies if the Basic Oxygen Furnace to change iron into steel. At the site of production, liquid iron flows into the BOF section where pure oxygen is blown into the iron at very high speed. The oxygen comes in through a lance put at the entrance of the BOF. This oxygen serves to eliminate carbon and other impurities. The next step involves the addition of lime and certain fluxes to transform it into a liquid slag that absorbs impurities. Addition of lime and other fluxes keeps impurities separated from the steel. The Oxygen steelmaking process has many variations. Some people refer to the process as oxygen converter, LD converter, or Linz & Donawitz. Regardless of the name used, the most important thing is liquid iron to change into steel at the integrated sites. A confusing point when it comes to the steelmaking process is that all the energy used for heating in the BOF originates from the oxygen that burns the impurities (Elmaraghy et al 2012). There is no other source of heat in this process. During this process, carbon combines with oxygen and burn to produce carbon monoxide. The resultant gas is collected and used as a fuel to re-heat steel during the rolling process in the…

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