Basis Of Faith Reflection Paper

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Olawunmi Babalola
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Basis of Faith Reflection Paper
Belief should have some type of basis. one reason being in the realm of when an individual desire to truly defend their faith. For instance, if I am claiming to believe in something I should be able to make others see reason and understand the basis of my belief. This is not because the basis or reason for my belief matters to them but because in doing so I reflect my knowledge and remove ignorance as to why I believe. This is important because with knowledge comes the power to persuade, encourage, or just inform anyone who cares to know. Another reason belief should have some type of basis is because, to form a strong basis you need a
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Miracles are used to show that religion is evident because miracles are not an everyday thing. People don’t just make miracles. More specifically, going back to the example of Job giving above; Jobs religion was evident in the sense that even though Job was being severely punished by God for no specific reason other than to prove Satan wrong he received a miracle by getting 7 folds of everything he lost during his trial. Many might not think this is a miracle but based on my experience and stories I have heard and read in the Bible I strongly belief this is miracle.
The Bible is another evident to support religion. The bible is more like a guidance to us as Christians. This is a concrete evidence and guidelines to be able to communicate to God without having to meet him in person. And the Bible also shows who God is because the Bible connects us to God and helps us see who God is. And our religion as Christians is based upon who God is thus the bible being another evident to support religion.
Moving out of evidence into where the burden of proof should lie. When it comes to the topic of faith and Christianity do I really need to proof what I belief if it works for me? Especially when it comes to questioning God? Personally, I believe questioning God might be disrespectful especially if one is being unreasonable with the questions that is being asked. This is not to say that questioning God is wrong. but I’m

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