Basket Exercise Essay examples

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Martha Garza Human Resources Management 3.18 March 26, 2013 Assignment 2: In-Basket Exercise, Pg. 269 Part A Item 1 MEMO TO: John Armstrong, HR Director FROM: Jackie Williams, Downtown Business Club SUBJECT: Speaking engagement next week Thanks again for your willingness to speak to our Business Club next week. As you know, this group represents a good cross section of the Lompoc business community as well as a number of Ace’s best customers. We are all looking forward to what you have to say regarding the relationship between strategic planning and human resource information systems. MEMO TO: Jackie Williams, Downtown Business Club FROM: Georgina Ryan, HR Director SUBJECT: Speaking engagement next week Ms.…show more content…
I assure you I will do everything in my power to address this situation promptly. My apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused you. Item 6 MEMO TO: John FROM: Alice Calmers, Director of Manufacturing SUBJECT: Thursday’s training program I finally got everything rearranged for that training program on Thursday. You can’t imagine how difficult it is to try to rearrange the schedules of 15 very busy supervisors to attend anything at the same time. I certainly hope that Lisa’s presentation is going to be worth all this juggling of schedules! MEMO TO: Alice Calmers, Director of Manufacturing FROM: Georgina Ryan, HR Director SUBJECT: Thursday’s Training Program Ms. Calmers, thank you very much for re- arranging schedules for the training program. I realize how difficult it can be to gather 15 busy supervisors! Please be aware, that we may have to cancel the training and reschedule for another day. I’m trying my hardest to make it happen and not cancel; just want to keep you in the loop. Again, you’ve gone above and beyond; thank you for all your hard work. Item 7 MEMO TO: John Armstrong FROM: Ralph Herzberg, Manager of Customer Relations SUBJECT: New training program We have a serious problem in the customer relations department. It is common for a large number of calls to come in all at once. When this happens, the customer relations–contact employee is supposed to take the customer’s phone number and get back to him
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