Basketball, A Man 's Favorite Sport

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Should High School Basketball Players go straight to the NBA from High school? By: John Larose English IV Mr. Wilson Period 2 March 14, 2017 Introduction Basketball, a man 's favorite sport. Basketball plays a huge part all around the world. Basketball is the most played sport in the world. Basketball formerly played between two teams with five guys or girls, and the goal is to get as many baskets as you can. Basketball is played nationwide against other players, every city worldwide plays the sport and enjoy playing the game called basketball. Basketball is a great and easy game to play, and that 's why almost everyone plays it. All you need to play is a pair of comfortable pant, gym shoes, a ball, a hoop and the…show more content…
Attending college is beneficial for high school basketball players when it comes to entering the workforce. However, with a goal of becoming a professional basketball player, attending college has its pros and cons. There are pros and cons for a student going straight to the NBA after high school. Some high school students want to skip college and go straight to playing basketball and just make money by what they love doing. Students believe to college should be an option for them to choose after high school and shouldn 't have to go college because it is mandatory to go to college and play for one year before moving on. The point of college is to higher your education and to increase the ability to get paid more money. Cons about going straight to NBA after high school is that you get treated like a rookie. You can be sitting on the bench majority of the time until they feel like you have improved during practices to put you in the game. Also, they would not realize the amount of work that has to be put in and have to adjust to their surroundings. You could have been the best on your high school team, but soon as you get into the NBA, you have not seen as the same person anyone because someone has that spot. Pros of Going to College Right after High School This topic has been talked about all over places and even around the world. Should high school basketball players go straight to the NBA from high school? It 's been asked

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