Basketball And Baseball : Street Ball At The Park

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The year is 2004, all the Portland boys are playing street ball at the park. All the kids are anywhere between 16 to 35. Damian, built like a tank, is 14 and about 5’8”. The competition in the neighborhood is uncomparable. Even at 14, Damian is easily the best player out of the group. The reason he is so good, is because of his work ethic. Damian spends every possible second at the park or in the gym. Damian is a hard worker, coach-able, and compassionate, and humble. One day, Damian and his father, build a basketball hoop out of a milk crate and a piece of plywood. It’s not like all the store bought Lifetime hoops that his friends have, but it’s good enough for him. His family can’t afford much, and Damian has it pretty rough.…show more content…
“Thank you so much sir!” Damian exclaims. “First practice is in two days, be there.” Jarvis states firmly. “Ok thank you!” Damian hangs up the phone. First practice comes, Damian shows up to see all the varsity players that as a kid he looked up to and wished he could be. Practice starts, and is comparable to all the other kids, but is still better. As practices continue through the year Damian grows as a player. The first game comes around, and Damian is going to work. Leaping with all his might, Dame throws down a rim shattering dunk. All the fans a hyped up for the next game, and at the next game, the gym is packed. Again, Dame is the starting point guard, he scores twenty-four points. Damian finishes his first four years of high school, and has a total twelve college offers. It takes him four days to decide to go to Florida State University. Damian gets his first minutes at FSU as a freshman in their third game. He scores seventeen points. Dame grows tremendously as a player throughout his four years in college, and becomes FSU’s leading scorer as a senior. After the end of his last season as a senior Dame enters the NBA draft. He is selected to the Trail Blazers in the first round. Damian’s dream has finally come true! Damian is so happy, and his parents are so extremely proud of their son.
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