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Since its conception in 1891, the sport of basketball has always been a catalyst for excitement that never ceases to amuse its viewers. It not only excites those participating in the sport, but also manages to innervate those who watch from the comfort of their couch. This surge in energy continues to persuade even the most indolent individuals to join in a friendly game of basketball every once in awhile. Basketball has long been praised as an elegant sport because of its focus on accuracy, precision, and teamwork. Qualities such as these are the main reason that basketball is gradually becoming America’s national pastime. Despite its fame and recognition, basketball was merely created as a hobby and was never intended to become a global…show more content…
The sport became so popular that the National Basketball Association (NBA) was created in order to supply the nation with a televised center of professional basketball. A mere 8 teams were expected, and almost obligated, to entertain a nation of excitement-craving sports fans. The creators of the NBA saw that this would become a debilitating problem and over the next 30 years nearly tripled to 22 teams stationed throughout the country. Along with this increase in professional teams, the founders of the NBA wanted to create a new league to increase the NBA’s variety. This led to the American Basketball Association (ABA) being created and providing even more fierce competition between superstar caliber talent. The ABA quickly gained popularity due to the players who rebelled against the idea of basketball fundamentals and instead opted to perform flashy moves that bedazzled the audience. In 1976, the NBA and the ABA combined to for the NBA that we all know and recognize today. This was a direct result of integration in major sports and was done as a marketing technique that would help gain the less bigoted fans. From then on, the NBA continued to dominate the sports world and has made many of its players into household names. This has quickly allowed basketball to become America’s favorite pastime with over 48% of adults admitting that basketball was there favorite sport.
The journey from a small, recreational sport to a global

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