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In the 9th grade I was new to high school and was kind of scared with the new adjustments to school work, a new atmosphere, and so many distractions ahead of me. During the first quarter I had adjusted to the work load and stayed focus. One day my friends and I were talking about sports and it got me thinking about if I could manage school and sports. One of my friends suggested that I should try out for the junior varsity basketball team. Before high school the last time I played on a basketball team was in 4th grade, but it wasn’t organized. The tryouts for the basketball team were set for November 15th. For that month before the tryouts I worked out almost every day. I would go outside and run around the backyard so I could get the…show more content…
After that season I received a most improved award and an academic award for maintaining a 3.0 throughout the season. As my senior year approached my knowledge of the game was at its highest and I was ready to excel for my final year of high school. Unfortunately with injuries and team problems, our season did not go the best, but things turned around when we got it together. We went on a six game winning streak heading to the playoffs and almost played in front of thousands of people at the “Comcast Center” but we lost in the regionals finals. After the season it was sad that it was my last time playing basketball for my high school team, but I was happy at the effort we showed. Things weren’t all bad because I meet my goal and finished off with a 3.5 GPA average throughout my senior year. Getting cut from the team in my freshmen year changed my life and it was a very pivotal moment. Failure taught me not to give up on anything because hard work will pay off. I also became a stronger student since you have to maintain good grades in order to stay on the team. From learning the plays and paying attention in practice it gave me the confidence I need to excel in the classroom because it showed me if you put your mind to it you will succeed. Finally I am thankful for the experience because now I am living proof that determination is the key to

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