Basketball Essay

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Basketball Basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith of Almonte, Ontario. While he was attending the international YMCA Training School (School for Christian Workers) in Springfield, Massachusetts, he was challenged by the Head of Physical Education at the school to create an indoor game to distract students and keep them occupied during the extremely cold winter of that area. His response to this challenge was to create a game that required skill instead of brute strength like other popular sports of that time. He invented a game with 13 rules and 18 men in a YMCA gymnasium: basketball. Dr. James Naismith’s 13 rules explained how the game of basketball should be played. These rules focus on how to play the game fairly,…show more content…
In 1896 the game reduced the number of players on each team to five and it slowly gained in popularity until 1936 when it became an official Olympic sport. Around this time Championship games were developed and the games began to be televised. The NCAA tournament in which college basketball teams compete to be considered the best in the nation began in 1939 and “March Madness” is now one of the most popular sporting events in America. The Olympics When basketball was added to the Olympics in Berlin, Germany in 1936, 22 nations participated in the event. The game was played outside on a tennis court and the USA beat Canada for the gold medal. More nations have since entered teams into the Olympics and women’s basketball was added in 1976. The NBA The game of basketball slowly gained in popularity, especially in New York universities and other colleges throughout the United States and Canada. The growing popularity of the sport and the rising disposable incomes of Americans after World War II inspired a group of team owners to meet on June 6, 1946 to discuss forming an official league for the game. They felt that a professional league that allowed college stars to continue playing the game would be very successful and this is how the National Basketball Association was created. The owners created 11 franchises and East and West divisions, and kept the rules very similar to how the game was played in universities. The length of the game was
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