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WHY THE NBA DREAM IS RUINING COLLEGE BASKETBALL      The National Basketball Association is a corporate powerhouse with installments in nearly every major city in the United States. With the exception of European soccer, professional basketball generates more money per season than any other sport in the world. NBA superstars carry as much authority in the entertainment business as the most popular actors, comedians, and musicians. Even the guys who are last off the bench are making more money in one season than the average middle-class worker makes in five years. Corporate America sells its images, logos, slogans, ideas, and viable goods by employing NBA stars to speak publicly on-behalf of their materials. More…show more content…
     College basketball has suffered as of late because of this inclination. Too many talented kids have jumped to the pros without considering the benefits college offers. Besides earning a substantial degree and being able to find a job after the basketball years have passed, college allows athletes to physical and mentally mature in their roles as leaders on and off the court. The skill levels of younger generations are evolving at an astonishing rate, but basketball at the professional level is much more than skill. The NBA game is as much mental patience and court understanding as it is physical domination. High school athletes typically lack the mental sharpness playing in the NBA demands, but college recruiters and coaches have not been able to successfully sell the benefits of education over the big pay offs agents guarantee. Maturity off the court is another issue. Eighteen and nineteen year-old professional athletes should not have to deal with the stresses the NBA unleashes on its new inductees. Money, women, drugs, gambling, travel demands, and corporate contracts are extremely dangerous at such young ages. Once again, it comes back to college representatives not being able to out-market NBA agents and the big promises and incentives they regularly promise. Agents also commonly point out the difficulty in managing educational tasks and
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