Basketball Game Analysis

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2015-2016 freshman year is something I’ll never forget. During the middle of the month of November, Basketball season was officially about to start. As a basketball fanatic, it was crucial for me to join the basketball team. Before the regular season started, there were pre-workout conditioning for all applicant players. I learned that everything is not always guaranteed. After school, I was eager to go to the gym. The only thing was I realized it was empty. I then remembered that the head coach for varsity told me that everybody is meeting outside the track. When I arrived, we had to run with the people that was in track. I saw people that looked taller than me, and more athletic. In my mind, I knew that it wasn’t going to stop me. Few weeks passed by, and the players and I were building chemistry. This was a good thing because I got to know the players better. There was a particular player that caught my attention. His name was Prince. In the past years, he was…show more content…
While I was in there, one of the teachers asked, “ Who is this young man?” The head coach replied, “Him? This is Mr. Wimbush. He’s gonna be our new starter this year.” I felt excited that I was going to make the team without a doubt. Another few weeks has passed, and I grew a bond with the players. It felt like I had a second family. The day finally came, and it was time to show my talent. Everybody going to try-out was required to wake up 5 o'clock in the morning, report cards ready to be shown, and a completed physical packet. There was no need for anybody telling me. I was already prepared. During the try-outs, it was estimated to be a number of 40 people that showed up. During the try-outs, I wasn’t playing to the best of my ability. I was doing everything in my power to bring effort for the coaches. My best ability was being on defense. People would compliment me saying that I can make defensive player of the
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