Basketball Game-Personal Narrative

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The last time I was at a event was at the Marquette basketball game. When we arrived we walked in and showed the security guards our tickets. They ripped the paper part of the ticket off and tossed it into the garbage. It smelled like sweet nuts and body odor as we got past the first check. After, we started walking to our seats. We had to walk up a lot of stairs to get to our destination. When we got there and the people asked if we needed anything, we all said not at the moment but maybe in a little while. When I sat down, I saw a huge sea of blue and yellow Marquette jerseys and a couple red ones for the opposing team. There was 3 minutes until game time and they were flying around a large blimp with t-shirts looped to the bottom to drop.…show more content…
The windows in-between the seats were clear so we could see the people next to us. To our left, A family with 3 kids all around five waved and said hi to us. To our right was where the technician, sound people, and it was where the camera was. When we said hi to them they said hi back and seemed very friendly. They asked if we wanted a sticker and we said sure and started to watch the game. When the players dribbled the ball it almost sounded like a rock hitting a hard gravel floor. When I heard this that let me know that the ball was well inflated. I heard a slight creak when the door opened and the lady brought in some popcorn. It was fresh, the smell of butter and salt filled my nose and made me hungry. When we all devoured the popcorn me and my friend Tyler trotted down the stairs to get some fried chicken. We bought the chicken and walked back up to our room happy as can be. We sat down and ate the chicken. It was very overpriced but was worth it. Now it was the last quarter of the game and they were up by 3 until the other team made a 3 and it was tied up with 3 minutes left. The whole crowd was up out of their seats cheering and yelling at the refs for whatever they
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