Basketball Is A Game That Millions Of People Love

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Basketball is a game that millions of people love to watch or play. The game of basketball has been around since 1921. Ever since then the game has evolved dramatically. From beach baskets and soccer balls to glass backboards to leather/rubber balls. As the game has changed people have evaluated the game of basketball. Since I was little, I have been evaluating how basketball works. Everyone is different and may see or judge basketball in another way. One thing that I noticed is that there are two ways to play the game. There is the formal and pickup way to play. My judgement of the game of basketball is that pickup and formal basketball have differences and similarities. To begin, playing pickup basketball is a little bit different than playing formal basketball. Pickup games is when people go to an open gym and play with random guys or girls. Pickup games are more common to play than formal games. Formal games is usually for the youth, unless if a person is a professional or collegiate player. Everyone who plays formal games is really serious, because they want to win. Pickup games are really just for fun and to get exercise, so winning is not so important. Chris Ballard evaluates pickup basketball games and he stated,”Winning is important, but not as important as being a good teammate.”(Ballard) If you win a game, then you have the right to stay on the court and play another game. There are some real competitive people there and they will get pretty mad if they lose.
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