Basketball Is A Way Of Life For Several Individuals It

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Basketball is a way of life for several individuals; it actually would be a “crime” to assume that this sport only matters to a few sets of people. Keeping this in mind, the saying, “Ball is Life” must immediately come to mind since it describes the seriousness of the sport to those active within its realm. It is the highly competitive nature that draws individuals to the sport. Competitiveness and the desire to acquire professional level skill is what brings the young students to Bracy’s Basketball Skill Clinic in Vallejo, CA. Under the tutelage of Brandon Bracy, varying aged young boys are taught basketball skills, from the basics all the way to fine tuning for college level play. What I witnessed within this learning environment is a…show more content…
Each group is directed by a coach. The drills can vary from different variations of dribbling to shooting situation, and even team maneuvers. During these drills, each player lines up into a single-file line, usually facing towards the hoop on their respective side of the court. The leading coach will then provide the information necessary for the prospective drill to be performed. This usually consists of a description of the activity, followed by a demonstration by the coach. Upon completion of the demonstration, each player attempts the drill, in which afterwards they go to the back of the line. This is performed by each player for a total of 5 repetitions before the next drill is provided. While the players are attempting the drill, the directing coach observes the player’s form and provides immediate feedback. If there is any confusion from the feedback, the coach will stop the drill at that moment and provided a segmented demonstration for the struggling player to better understand. In this learning environment it, immediately became apparent as to what learning principles are being applied. The primary principle observed within this environment is “Feedback”. This learning principle allows individuals to identify discrepancies between what they did and what is needed to be done, in which they are enabled to make future

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