Basketball Is The Pinnacle Of Success

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In June of 2014, nearly 18 million viewers tuned in to watch the National Basketball Association championship series as the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat vied for the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The trophy is the pinnacle of success, capping off years of dedication and hard work; the trophy is what allows the NBA’s elite, professional basketball players and their teams to declare, “we are the best.” With this success come financial rewards, far beyond any sums imagined by the founders of the NBA. Are the sacrifices made to reach the elite levels of the NBA, however, greater than ever imagined? Recent injuries in the NBA suggest that they may well be. The popularity of NBA basketball is rising; however, with this, the game has become more athletic and physical, making players more injury prone and forcing them to choose between health and career.
Professional basketball is more popular than ever – who has not heard of Lebron, Kobe, KD, D-Rose or a host of other NBA stars? Over the years, the game’s popularity has grown exponentially over the years, starting in the inner city, expanding to mainstream America and now rising to worldwide appeal. Paralleling the expanding popularity of the NBA is the changing nature of the game. Professional basketball relies more than ever on athleticism and physicality. And each wave of players seems be quicker and faster, and yet, still stronger than those that preceded them. We believe, there is a price to be paid though. Today’s…
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