Basketball : My Life, And Physical Benefits Of Basketball

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Basketball is a game that requires not only skill, but also strategy and hustle. If you cannot handle the pressure, with defenders all up in your face and the fans screaming at the top of their lungs, then it is not a game for you. I love basketball because it benefits me physically, mentally, and socially. From practice to the game itself, to the traveling time, each aspect of being involved on a team is an opportunity to improve and enhance my life. The many benefits that it provides are far-reaching and I believe that they not only affect my present life but will impact my future, as well.
Something that basketball has given me is a variety of physical benefits. One of these benefits is building endurance. Sometimes a basketball game can seem like running a marathon, sprinting up and down the court so many times. This requires a lot of endurance if I don’t want to be left behind, panting like a dog on the other end of the court. In order to be able to do this, there is much conditioning work done in practice. In addition to being able to help with endurance, this same type of training also helps me to be quick. Speed is just as necessary as endurance in basketball. The natural consequences of the activities we do in order to achieve speed and endurance have other benefits, as well. Being in good physical shape gives me more energy so I can accomplish more tasks. Practicing dribbling and shooting has helped to improve my coordination and balance, which not only

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