Basketball-Personal Narrative

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I was just swinging my bat, over and over again, with no thoughts in my head. The methodical movement of my bat and the sound of the breeze it makes, was calming to me. My mind was blank as I was just going through my on deck routine. But like always, a few thoughts slipped in. You are going to strike out again, for the third time, my mind told me, You are going to let the whole team down, and lose the game. The championship game. I battled the little devil me on my left shoulder, who was feeding my brain these awful thoughts, by repeating an encouraging phrase. You got this Ashley, you got this Ashley. Feeling better about stepping up to the plate, I look up, only to feel my entire body fill with dread. The catcher was just standing up a little…show more content…
I stood at the plate long enough to see the smug looks on the outfielders’ faces wipe clean off, and change to a startled, frantic look. I sprint towards first base, pausing long enough to see if the ball had gone over the fence, but alas it had landed a few feet in front. Running faster than the speed of light and kicking up mounds of dirt along the way, I make it to third base. While standing on the dusty old bag, bent over and catching my breath, I feel an overwhelming amount of joy. I just stand and smile as wide as the Chesire cat, while the fans and my teammates go crazy. My triple hit had drove in three runs which, means we now have the lead. After my hit, my team was inspired. We played harder than ever before, making some unbelievable plays while we were at it. At the end of the game, we came out on top, winning the state championship. On the ride home, I felt a sense of relief and peace. I was exhausted but felt like I was on Cloud 9, especially when I looked at the huge ring I had received. Instead of giving my team a trophy, we each got a “super bowl” ring after our winning game. I call it my “super bowl” ring because it in fact looks like an exact copy of the rings the winning football team earn. The ring sits on my dresser and every time I see it, I remember the feeling of the hit and the complete bliss that followed. It is a memento that tells me I can do anything I set my mind
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