Basketball Programming Philosophy

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Choose one specific sport to discuss and briefly describe the foundation and fundamentals to your training/programming philosophy? *

When I start creating programs, I research and find out what are the most problematic areas (areas prone to injury). In terms of basketball, the ankle, knee, hamstring, hip, and shoulder are areas of concern. After identifying those areas, I begin to research what makes them problematic areas. There is a plethora of explosive and strength movements in the game of basketball. Over time, especially during in-season, these areas listed above become tight, decreasing range of motion, increasing synergistic dominance; which will then drastically increase injury potential. Therefore, I make a general pre-hab
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You have to start with an aerobic base, which is needed to help regulate lactate and H+. Also, a strong aerobic base helps the heart come down faster and more efficiently, which will assist in repeated sprint-ability, which is vital for basketball. This would consist of tempo runs, lasting from 3-10 minutes, with 1-3 minute breaks, not going over 75% of the VO2 max. Next would be the lactic system, which is where basketball is generally played. The ability to increase lactic threshold and increase the efficiency of lactic being used for energy (supported by aerobic conditioning) is essential. Interval runs would be used, lasting 30s-1:30s, with 1-2 minute rest. Lastly, the ATP-PC or A-lactic system would be trained to increase sprint repeat\-ability along with speed endurance. These drills will last 0-10s, with a 1:30-3 minute…show more content…
I want to accomplish, with this position, first earning trust and respect from my co-workers and athletes. Without trust and respect there is not progress, and therefore goals, cannot be accomplished. I am still a young coach, and I know I have much to learn about coaching and life, which is why I would hope to learn and embody the strength and conditioning principles from my co-workers around me. This will help me grow as both a professional, person, and coach. I hope to make a difference in the athletes that I will be seeing and coaching, both inside and outside the weight room. I want them to feel that I am the type of person and coach that they can come to with problems and trust to guide them. I have had the privilege to do this at Texas A&M Kingsville and it is something that I will always cherish. Lastly, I hope to help the teams that I am working with WIN. I want my athletes, I work with, to feel that are prepared to their maximal potential. I want that confidence to show in their performance, which will hopefully translate into more
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