Basketball Shoes Effect On Basketball Players Essay

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Basketball Shoes Effect on Basketball Players
James Wheatley
Texas A&M University Kingsville
EDKN 4329
Mrs. Burt

Participating in basketball begins with picking which basketball shoes to wear. The purpose of a sports shoe is to improve performance or reduce the risk of injury (Fong, Hong & Li, 2007). While playing the game of basketball I’ve realized it is a sport that involves different types of shoes which help improve jumping, landing, cutting and much more. Basketball has its positives and negatives for every age group; it has good health benefits, but it also consists of moderate to high risk lower body injuries to the lower back, legs and ankles. There are different types of basketball shoes which consist of high tops, mid tops, low cuts, cushioned shoes, non-cushioned shoes, and other different combinations. The high tops basketball shoe will have a collar that goes above the ankle like a sleeve. The mid tops basketball shoe covers slightly above the ankle, but lower than high tops. The low cut basketball shoes don’t have a collar at all and they don’t cover the ankle. Shoes also vary by weight and outsole traction. Through my knowledge picking the shoe to wear is solely on your preference. Whatever shoe that you choose will have different advantages or disadvantages to them. The purpose of this literature review is to explore the variety of effects specific shoe types have on basketball athletes.
The Effect of Shoes on Lower Body Injuries The main
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