Basketball Shoes Essay

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Basketball is a sport that relies a lot on the player’s footwork. You will realize that athletes in basketball normally make sharp cuts, jump around and move in all directions in a quick manner. The player must wear the right basketball shoes in order to do this. This will give the player a god opportunity to succeed in this game. The right pair of basketball shoes will provide the desired protection, traction and avoid injury while on the court. This is the reason why you should pick the right pair of basketball shoes. There are several things that you should consider when choosing the right basketball shoes. These include:
1. The shoe size.
It is important that you know your shoe size before buying a pair of basketball shoes. If you are not
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You will realize that there might be shoes that could be appealing to the eye but are not comfortable to wear. If you choose a pair of basketball shoes that does not fit you well, your feet are likely to have sores. It can be very painful to cut and make quick movements on the basketball court. The looks of the shoe can trick you to think that you can handle the discomfort. This can be detrimental. You always go for comfort while buying these shoes.
4. Ankle support
You will realize that ankle injuries are frequent injuries suffered by most basketball players. If you want to mitigate this problem, you should invest in basketball shoes that provide ankle support. In this case, you should choose mid-top and high-tip shoes. However, if you decide to wear low-top shoes and you have a history of ankle injuries. You should consider buying a low profile ankle brace for additional ankle support.
5. Durability.
It is important that you choose durable basketball shoes. You should choose a durable pair of shoes so that it can last longer. Some basketball shoes can be cheap but are not durable. They might last a month or two. This means that you have to buy others after a few months. This can be costly. You should invest in a shoe that can support you throughout the basketball
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