Basketball Team-Personal Narrative

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Even though I tried so hard, I couldn’t defend the seeming monster-of-a-girl who looked like she had already gone through puberty five years ago. I was still in elementary school and our basketball team made it to the in-house state basketball tournament. Before we even started the game, we knew it was going to be a challenge. They had size on their side and we, the little go-getters, had the naive passion to win. I had never practiced or experienced the post position before but for some reason Coach Derek decided to put me in to guard the tallest, biggest, and most skilled girl on the opposing team. Maybe he was unaware or maybe he truly believed in me but the expectations to do well increased exponentially. I got in there and wasn’t…show more content…
One night, my mom got a call from Tim Kirkland, the 7th grade basketball coach. I didn’t think anything of it until my mom started saying my name and talking about me. Who on earth could she be talking to? About me?! I instantly stopped doing my homework and sat there impatiently wondering what it was about. About 5 minutes had gone by and I started anxiously rolling on the carpet in the family room where my mom was babbling. Twirling my hair, drawing pictures in the carpet, and annoying my dog. Finally, my mom gets off the phone and says she needs to talk to me. She told me that Coach Kirkland has invited me to play on the 7th grade team for that upcoming in-house basketball season. At first, I was surprised and silent. She continued to tell me it would be more intense and tougher than I’m used to but she thought it would be a good experience. I pondered on it for a moment and remembered that I’m indecisive and have no idea what to do. I had two options: stay on my old team or advance onto the 7th grade team. Since my I trust my mom and don’t know what to do for myself, I decided to take risk and play for Coach
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