Basketball : The Game Of Basketball

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The game of basketball started in December 1891. Basketball was founded by a Canadian born instructor named James Naismith at the Young Men’s Christian Association training school in Springfield, Massachusetts. The YMCA developed rules for the game which were later used in high schools, colleges, and settlement houses. The game grew bigger and popular in a lot of areas. Particularly in urban areas, where games were sponsored by schools, social clubs, churches, and companies. Colleges sponsored tournaments to attract players to their school. The best players around the world would attend these tournaments and invitational meetings in hope to earn scholarships or enter semipro leagues around American cities. Not only did men play the game of basketball but women, particularly in the south, received similar opportunities to play basketball for sponsored teams. Throughout the 20 centaury, basketball was a primary sport in inner-city playgrounds and urban recreational communities. College basketball was the main form of organized basketball beginning in the 1930s. The American basketball league began in the 1920s. As professional as the ABL was, it could not compete with college basketball. However the American basketball league changed the college basketball world. One of the main places basketball was played was at the Madison Square Garden. The first ABL elite program was the Boston Celtics. In the 1920s they won as much as 90 percent of their games. The game of basketball
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