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The first day of the 2017 NBA Playoffs is in the books. Some notes below: Pacers @ Cavs Pacers extended their losing streak in Cleveland to eight straight games, it appears that they just cannot get over the hump at Quicken Loans Arena. The game was a little too close for comfort for Lebron James and his teammates. Pacers star, Paul George finished the game with 29 pts. The Cavs gameplay to keep the ball out of George's hands didn't work as planned until the final seconds of the game. Paul George was getting double teamed when he handed the ball off to Miles, who instead of dishing it back took the last shot and missed, costing the Pacers a 1-0 lead in the series. After the game, George said he spoke to Miles about the last play, explaining he needs to be the one to take the last shot. Final score: 109-108. Game two is Monday, 7PMET. Bucks @ Raptors The Raptors stayed true to a trend, they are now 1-11 all-time in playoff game ones. I know, you…show more content…
Starters get so much rest, it takes a bit for the players to find their rhythm, however, when they do, it's lights out. LaMarcus Aldridge hit his groove late in the second quarter and he never lost it, he finished the game with 20pts. Tony Parker showed his critics he still has gas left in the tank. Parker has been low-key of late. After Duncan retired, the vets all but handed the reins to successor Kawhi Leonard, rightfully so. However, the playoffs is where Parker shines, today was a great example. Mike Conley had a decent game, but Marc Gasol was the primary factor for the Grizzlies, he cannot be contained. However, that isn't a problem for the Spurs, they have enough playmakers. The humble superstar and face of the franchise, Kawhi Leonard had 32 pts barely breaking a sweat. The Grizzlies were in the game early but never had a chance in the second half. This series will end quick. Next game is Monday,

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