Basketball in NS Essay

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Basketball was first introduced to Nova Scotia as early as 1895 but in the past thirty years the popularity of the sport has really taken off. The high concentration of universities in the province, the tradition and esteem of the high school programs, and the continued support from a large and knowledgeable basketball community have made the game a staple of Nova Scotia life, culminating with the capital city of Halifax becoming known as the basketball capital of Canada. When you talk about basketball in the Maritimes you can break it down into different levels of competition. There are the club systems throughout the province, the regional and provincial teams, then high school basketball, then you have to look at intercollegiate…show more content…
Another first time winner was Halifax West as traditional powerhouses from Queen Elizabeth and St. Patrick’s faced greater competition. Another sign of the game’s popularity was the fact that it was being played in the summer time. After watching rare broadcasts of NBA playoffs, in which one of the halftime events was pitting the greatest players in the game one on one, this format was adopted in Halifax and tournaments were held with the winner gaining bragging rights throughout the city. At the university level, Brian Heaney took over as coach of the St. Mary’s Huskies. The former Acadia superstar took over the Huskies in 1971 and for the next eight years under his reign St. Mary’s replaced Acadia as the premiere basketball squad in the province. During the decade St. Mary’s won the national championships in 1973, 78, and 79 respectively and reached the finals on two other occasions. The Axemen remained highly competitive and won the nationals in 1971 and 1977. They were a formidable opponent for the Huskies, which resulted in one of the greatest intercollegiate rivalries in the province’s history. “The two strong teams made the Atlantic Universities Athletic Association the strongest conference in the country for the first time as Acadia or SMU captured five national championships during the decade.” (1) Some of the star university players during that time period were Mickey
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