Baskin Robbins Swot Analysis Essay

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SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS * Location Proximity * Strong brand awareness * Never-ending focus on fun combined with their commitment to innovation and a quality customer experience is important when you are considering investing in a business * More than 1000 flavours of ice-cream in the library include low fat and no sugar ice-cream * Provide several services for different age groups WEAKNESS * Expensive compared to competitors prices OPPORTUNITIES * Market for expansion * Can push sales to hotels and resorts in the nearby localities * Provide party packs THREATS * The number of competitors increasing including the traditional competitors * Emerging competitors with cheaper alternatives…show more content…
* Sold tickets for rock concert ‘Rock ‘n India’, designed along the lines of international rock festivals, held in Bangalore in March 2008. * In March 2009, Pizza Hut & Baskin Robbins launched an offer that provides Pizza Hut patrons an opportunity to sample a range of Baskin Robbins ice-creams, on placing pizza delivery orders. * Baskin Robbins also advertises and promotes itself through various movies and television shows. * It also distributes pamphlets and advertises in the newspapers about its various promotional offers. V. PEOPLE * There are 3-6 employees, one manager and other staff members * The staff are recruited and trained by the manager(the training is on the job and mainly consist of customer relationship and the serving) * They have 2 daily shifts VI. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE * Approximately 250 square feet outlet * Music being played * The ambience is light golden colour with yellowish lamps * Display of different ice-cream flavours * Different product pictures are displayed on the walls and behind the counter * There are around 5-6 seats for the customers * There is less privacy to the customers ANALYSIS OF THE CONSUMER SURVEY 1) Thinking of this visit, how satisfied were you with your overall experience at Baskin Robbins? (a) Extremely dissatisfied (b) Dissatisfied (c) Neutral (d) Satisfied (e) Extremely satisfied Majority of the customers selected the option of
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