Baskin Robbins Marketing Plan Outline Paper

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Baskin Robbins Marketing Plan Final Outline Paper Lou Ann San Nicolas MKT 421 Marketing 1. Baskin Robbins Organizational Overview Baskin Robbins is a franchise based business operating in 35 countries for the last 65 years. The ice cream shops have more than 1,000 flavors since 1945. Baskin Robbins has more than 150 million consumers worldwide with 2,800 locations nationally and 5,800 stores globally. What began as a small business opportunity has grown into a solid business model for existing and future franchise business owners. Despite, by these two ice cream enthusiasts, whose passion leads to the creation of more than 1,000 ice creams flavors, and with a variety of delicious treats, such as nutty…show more content…
Product Mix The product mix of business, which is generally defined as the total composite of products offered by a particular company such as Baskin Robbins; consists of single product lines, the product line, and new product description. A product line is a group of products within the product mix, most often are closely related. Despite, the functionality in a similar manner, and are sold to the same customer groups, are marketed through the same types of outlets, most often the same price range (Baskin & Robbins, 2011). The product is a distinct unit within the produce line that is distinguishable by size, price, appearance, or otherwise the attributes (Baskin & Robbins, 2011). For example, all the courses at university of phoenix offers constitute its product mix; courses in the marketing department constitute a product line, and the basic marketing course is a product item. Product decisions at these three levels are generally of two types: those that involve width (variety) and depth (assortment) of the product line and those that involve changes in the product mix occur overtime (Baskin & Robbins, 2011). 1) Single product Baskin Robbins, in 1945 released the single product line of snowbird ice cream in Glendale, California. In the Glendale location Baskin Robbins featured 21 flavors and emphasized high-quality ice cream sold in a fun, personalized atmosphere. Despite, the priced is economically,

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