Bastøy. We All Have An Idea Of How The Future May Look.

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Bastøy We all have an idea of how the future may look. Hovercraft vehicles, space travel as seen in the Star Wars series, and task driven robots living alongside us. All seemingly exciting advancements, nevertheless this “future” we imagine is still years away. However, what if that was not the case? People do not often realize how much the world changes around them as they are living their daily lives, but others are not that fortunate. Technology, transportation, and communication have all made immense progressions in the last couple decades, and we are able to adapt along the way. The problem is: what if we were not able to learn these things as the times changed? For countless American prisoners, today can be considered the future. Why…show more content…
They are finding themselves trapped in the endless loop that is America’s prison system, therefore a momentous change will need to occur if we ever intend to break free from the cycle. To explain, in the article The Norwegian Prison Where Inmates are Treated Like People the author, Erwin James presents the idea of another country 's prison system which is very different from the typical American view of the life of a convict. Prisoners on this Norwegian island are treated with consideration and respect. Instead of being locked up like dogs, a small island called Bastoy offers convicts rehabilitation and a chance for a fresh start. Men accept one another and hold their position in society. As seen in Figure 1, the island is not much different from a normal life. Five men usually live in each house, and when not doing their regular duties, are able to roam and visit as pleased. By working and witnessing how it feels to hold their ground in the community, prisoners are able to better fit into the world post release. Although locking people up and stripping them of their humanity may seem safer in the moment, it is causing numerous added problems for humanity in the long run. Bastoy has proven itself successful with the lowest reoffending rate in all of Europe at just 16 percent (James). And while this system, of course, will not be effective for every convict, the select prisoners that go through

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